Incompatibility with Behringer X-Air Edit
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I have both your X32 and Xair pro apps for android. They are brilliant. But I am having a problem when trying to use the Behringer X-Air Edit on Windows to set up the XR18 for a show this week. I was able to do all my edits in the Behringer app, but then we have a catch-22 that I can't move the scene file to the ANdriod, either to your app or the Behringer XAir app for Android.

So I connected with Ethernet to the Windows machine to push the scene to the XR18. That works.

Then I switch to WiFi to connect the pad. When I use the Behringer Android app, I can connect to the XR18, syng into the app, save the scene in the app, and restore any scenes I have saved in that app. That is all as expected.

But when I load your app, it syncs fine and I can see everything in your app -- all the changes I made in the Windows app.

I can save to an offline scene. It does not confirm the save, but it seems to work.

When I go to LOAD that offline scene into your app, it always fails at the same point with message "Could not sync to console: Timeout while syncing /ch/05/gate/filter/f That is always at 14% 14/100.

I have been able to load other scenes that I saved earlier before using the Windows edit app. But it seems the problems is without your app because you are displaying the full scene when I initially connect, but when I save the reload all from within your app, that's when it fails. I can send you the scene file if that would be helpful.

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: Pro -- latest version

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I think I uploaded 2 files. The first one is the offline scene created under Windows in X-Air Edit.
The second is the offline scene stored from Mixing Station Pro after syncing to the XR18. That file, yyyy.scene is the one that bombs 14% into the load each time.

I also note that if I run your app offline, it is able to load the yyyy.scene file no problem and the app sees everything I expect. SO evidently there is something happening on channel 5 that is causing the physical XR18 to get stuck. Whatever it is, that does not happen on the Behringer Android app.

Thanks for your help, and thanks for creating such useful apps. These things really do change how we are able to work in live sound.

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Just for clarification, the forum software displays the file names in the opposite order that I uploaded.
The ...scn file was saved from the Windows X-Air Edit program
The yyyy.scene file was saved from your Mixing Station Pro program on the Android after syncing with the hardware.

If I run the Mixing Station program offline, it is able to load the entire yyyy.scene file correctly, so I believe that file is good.

If I try to load the yyyy.scene file while connected to the XR18 mixer, it locks up at the 14/100 point every time.

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In general it's recommended to use the snapshot feature and save the scene on the mixer. This also reduces the loading times to <1sec.
Of corse this doesn't work when creating offline scenes.
The issue only appears in online mode since it tries to send the value to the mixer, but the mixer replies with a different value. This might be a simple rounding issue I have to fix.

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OK. I can use snapshots for what I need to do this week. Thanks.