PEQ Preset recall error
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When recalling a saved preset on my nexus 7 1st gen (android 5.1.1) I get an error: "Sync Error: Could not complete sync to console: No values found. Please check the scope"

I have tried on the master track and one of the channel tracks with the same result. This is specifically when trying to only save and recall with the PEQ button highlighted. I have just played around with it and realize that if I select all the buttons (Config Gate Dyamics PEQ Sends) while saving and recalling then the PEQ settings are applied without any error.

If you need me to test out different combinations of the buttons at top being pressed while saving and recalling, I can spend some time doing that.

Thanks a ton for your awesome work and time! Love your apps! :)

Mixer Model: x air x18

App Version: v.0.001.6

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Clarification: The scope selects which values are being saved and recalled. If the scope is set to "Config" and you try to recall "PEQ" from this preset, you get the error message you've described. This is an expected behaviour but should be documented more clearly.

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