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Saving enhancement
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I'd really like to see a simplified SAVE option that saves not only the x32 scene but also the mixer layout at the same time.

Right now, you have to save the scene AND then navigate into layouts to save or load a layout (additionally, the Layout save/load screen should look and behave similar to Scene)

I run a production company and work with several bands that have various setups and subsequently different mixer layouts.

I'd like to save the layout while I'm saving the scene. And obviously when recalling the scene, it also recalls the associated layout.

This would be a major time saver.

Mixer Model: X32 Rack

App Version: latest

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Yes I also think the current approach is over complicated.
I'm thinking about a simple save/load button in the app setup view which stores all parameters in a single folder.
But I'll still keep the current save/load buttons in every sub part of the app (similar to "presets" of a mixer)

Agreed, this dovetails into my feature request.

Latest version has moved a step closer with the layout/layer save screen update.

So I'll revise my original request.

Since I typically have a single layout (the chrome of the mixer) but multiple Scenes and Layers; love to be able to save/load the SCENE and LAYERS in one action.

Maybe an enhancement to what the layout/layer screen is doing now; a matrix style approach that also loads the scene.