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Neutral gain change / Clipping support / Preserve volume
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I don't know what to call the feature but I really, really long for this:
Lets say you are in a hurry and all sends to the buses are set and the band is happy. Then you see that you are almost clipping on a number of channels.
The tedious, manual way to solve this is of course to lower the input gain x dB and increase the channel fader x dB and all the sends x dB and decrease the gate and compressor threshold x dB on every channel with low clipping margin.
My suggestion is that this gets automated.
Lets say I go to the channel that has low clipping margin. Then I would click a new button "preserve volume" (or whatever it should be called) that would be right below the gain knob. Then I would slowly decrease the gain knob x dB without any complaints from the band.
Of course would a send of minus infinity still be minus infinity after this operation.
And it would be nice if the input gain stopped decreasing once a send or fader hits the ceiling.
And it would be nice if it also works in the opposite direction meaning that I may want to decrease the clipping margin.
And also if it can handle the (rare) cases when the gate and and the compressor is not set to "self".
I haven't found this function on the X32. (running FW 2.16)

Mixer Model: X32 compact

App Version: 0.064.9 (217) pro

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