A&H D-Live possibility?
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Hello David!
my name is Dmitry, i'm sound engineer of Russian band Little Big.
i used your beautiful app for x32 for past year for a lot of tours, and it is, by my opinion (and many colleagues), best tablet control app ever.
now we switched to a better sounding mixing rack, d-live by Allen&Heath. and, in's embarrassing apps. both mac&ipad. totally crap after newest x32 mac editor and yours.
are you interested in developing your app for more new types of consoles?
what do you think of it? me and my friends in d-live community in Russia, Ukraine and Baltic counties definitely are! :)

a&h recently released mac os tcp/ip midi driver, so its kinda open now, and they have proprietary ip control protocol (their ip8 controller work through it).
we do have some a&h connections here and if you're interested, we can ask them for protocol info.
thank you for your reply, waiting for it!
Dmitry Elkin

Mixer Model: d-live

App Version:

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