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Dec 14 2019

peerasit.nun added a comment to T2002: Error.

Hello david
I am sorry to interfere with your work. Now the program Is now available, I fixed by removing the program and re-installing it but having to restart Computer again So can use it. Thank You

Dec 14 2019, 8:26 AM · Mixing Station X32/M32, Unknown Object (Project)

Dec 5 2019

peerasit.nun added a comment to T1992: Custom Layouts failed to use Strip Channel edit Action..

Thank you for your advice, as Motorized Faders 1-8 works in sync with the Mixing Station Mixer View and SoF screens. But I still don't understand, please explain the Fader Midi Controller action settings (fader9 = CC, channel = 1, function = 9, value = 0, source value = param B), if this problem is resolved, it is considered a perfect application for use with X32 Rack, Xair18,16,12 by midi. control surface motorized faders.
Best regards

Dec 5 2019, 5:12 PM · Mixing Station X32/M32, Unknown Object (Project)

Nov 5 2019

peerasit.nun added a watcher for Mixing Station X32/M32: peerasit.nun.
Nov 5 2019, 1:43 AM

Oct 22 2019

peerasit.nun added a comment to T1908: Want to support X-Touch Compact.

Thank you for your advice.
OsiMidi is a program that can set fader, knobs, and buttons to the Midi Controller. To control the Mixer X-air via the usb midi port, it works seamlessly with the X32Editor, but it is not yet compatible with the Mixer X32, M32. Now
And we hope "Mixing Station" will work the same way as OsiMidi on the Windows operating system. And other operating systems soon
Encouragement for further development

Oct 22 2019, 9:03 AM · Mixing Station X32/M32