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  • Support for latest xair firmware
  • Wing: New PEQ filter types
  • Dl32S: Routing matrix for B input
  • DL32S: Channel link and snapshots
  • XM32: Show console name in search results (and in console settings)
  • Wing: Layout for L100 and PIA2250 channel FX
  • Metering for DCAs (peak of members)


  • SQ: T2726
  • XM32/XAir: DCA meters flickering
  • [Beta] Lowcut on/off button in peq view was always visible
  • [Beta] Custom knobs not working correctly anymore
  • [Beta] SoF not correctly working with channel actions
  • GLD,SQ,Qu: T2717
  • GLD,SQ,Qu: T2722
  • T2714
  • Crash when accessing send pan via actions
  • Channel actions are now handling deactivated channels correctly
  • XAir: Alt input source not shown correctly in channel strip
  • XAir: T2684
  • T2704
  • T2706
  • XM32: Fix SQ hpf not correctly synchronized


  • New scribble strip layout
  • Qu: Increased RTA bands to 31
  • Improved mouse wheel behavior for faders
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