Custom Layout
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The custom layout is the successor of the custom sidebars.
It allows you to fully customize the mixer view to match your workflow.


  • Layout Overview
    • Edit Layout
      • Custom UI items
        • One or more action per UI item


  1. Open the menu of the main view
  2. Menu-Setup -Layouts
  3. Press the "+" menu entry to add a new layout
    1. Select "Mixer"
  4. Press on "Mixer"
  5. Add and move UI items to your taste
    1. Note: "Channel Strip" is only for fixed channels. Use "Mixer" to get the channel strips which match the currently selected layer.
  6. Make sure to save your layout
    1. Goto step 2)
    2. Press the folder icon in the menu

General Settings


This settings determinates when the UI will be visible.

AlwaysUI Item will always be visible
Only SoFWill only be visible when SoF is active
Not SoFWill only be visible when SoF is not active


Shows a container which displays all channels of the currently active layer

Channel Strip

Shows the channel strip for a fixed single channel.
Do NOT use this if you want layers. Use the "Mixer" instead.
Only actions which returns a "Channel" can be assigned to this UI control.

SoF List

List of buttons for controlling the sends on fader, fine and mute enable status.

Layer List

List of buttons for selecting a layer.


A button can be used to toggle the status of an action.


This is the text that will be shown on the button. It is possible to write multiple lines of text.
See "Label Tags" for more information.

Touch mode

It is possible to change the touch behavior of the button.
This can be useful when you want to control a mute group, but only when the button was long pressed.


A knob can be used to control a numeric value (like a send level or pan).


A label can be used to show values like the current scene or just for showing text.

Text position

This changes how the text will be aligned on screen.

Label Tags

It is possible to use dynamic text as a label for the UI items.
To do so use one of the following tags:

[label]AnyShows a short description of the action
[value]AnyShows the current value of the action
[bpm]FXBPM for 1/4 notes
[sofname]Sends on faderName of the current sends on fader master (Only for SoF actions)
[chname]Name of the current channelName of the current sends on fader master (Only for CH actions)

Example: Tap delay button

  1. Open the mixer layer setup
  2. Add a button
  3. Add a new action to the button
  4. Select the FX action and select the Effect which you want to control
  5. Select the time parameter of the FX
  6. Go back to the mixer
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