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This manual should give you an overview of the functions of mixing station and how to use them.


Mixing Station is an Android app to remote control compatible digital mixers
The project started October 2013 and all development is done by myself in my freetime.
Also I want to thank everyone who helped with beta testing, new feature ideas and general feedback!

Compatible Mixer

AppConsolesMinimum firmware
XM32X32, X32 Producer, X32 Compact, X32 Rack, X32 Core, M32, M32R, M32C1.15
QuQu-16, Qu-24, Qu-32, Qu-Pac1.90
XAirAny XAir / MAir series mixerAny

Note: This manual describes functionality available in all apps. Functions which are unique for a specific mixer model can be found in the wiki.

Quick Start

To connect Mixing Station to an console, a Wi-Fi router is required. There are many ways to setup a network so the following guide is only one of many solutions.

  1. Open the configuration page of the Wi-Fi router and activate the DHCP server. Write down the start IP address of the DHCP range, we will need that later.
  2. Change the IP address of the console to be below the DHCP address range. Example:


  • IP Router:
  • DHCP-Range: –


  • IP: 192.168.1. X (X must be less than 20 and more than 1)
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway: (IP of the Wi-Fi router)
  1. Connect the Wi-Fi router to the Console via an Ethernet cable. If your Wi-Fi router has a “Wan” port make sure not to use it.
  2. Connect your android device to the wifi network.
  3. Open Mixing Station and press “Search”. After 1-10 seconds a new entry should appear with the console name and IP. Click on it to connect.
  4. If no console is found try to enter the IP address of it in the “IP” field and press “Connect”.
  5. If you got trouble setting up your network see “FAQ”.

UI Elements


The knob is used by dragging your finger into any direction.
The image above shows the different axis and their influence on the current value. A combination of two axis is possible: A drag to the top right corner increases the value faster than dragging only to the right.

Touch and hold the knob to get a horizontal fader popup for more precise value changes. The popup will only open if the value of the knob has not been changed by a drag since touching it.
Double tap on the knob to reset the value.


The fader is used by dragging the white knob to the top or bottom. If the “Fine Mode” is enabled it is possible to start dragging at any position.

Horizontal fader and GEQ fader only: Double tap on a fader resets its value to the default.

Depending on the accuracy of the touchscreen a small value jump might occur when starting dragging the fader knob.

Main View

This view is the main view of the app. It shows the faders for the channel of the currently selected layer.

Channel Strip

  • Press the channel button to edit the channel.
  • Hold to edit the name and color of channels
  • Optional channel strip items can be hidden/shown in the “App Setup view”
  • Hold the “PAFL” button to clear the PAFL for all channels. Note: Depending on the app this button may be called "Solo"


  • Fine: Enables the fine mode for the faders. When fine mode is enabled you can drag the fader from any position and it will be less sensitive to your finger movements. This applies to all faders in the app
  • Mute Enable: Enables/Disables the mute buttons
  • Snd->Fader: Enables/Disables the sends on fader function
  • Bus Spinner: Selects the mix bus that should be used for the sends on fader function

Layer Buttons

  • Press to change the current visible layer.
  • Hold to edit the layer


In the upper part of the screen there is a menu bar located which provides a back button as well as menu items.

  • Depending on the screen size of your device more or less icons are visible in the menu bar. To access the other menu items you need to press the menu button of your device or the top right item with three circles.


A layer can contain up to 32 channels which will be shown in the "Main View".
If the mixer does not support coloring of the channels, the channel color will be saved/loaded
with the layers.
All layers can be fully edited, saved, loaded and deleted.
To edit a single layer press and hold a layer button (see “Main View”).

To edit the order of the layers, save or load the current layer configuration open the “Layer Setup” by the menu:

Layer Overview

This view allows rearranging of the layers as well as save/load functionality.
To change the number of channels that should be shown in the "Main View" press
the top button. "Auto" will always show all channels that are assigned to the current layer.

Reorder a layer

To reorder a layer simply drag the item at its drag bar on the left side to the desired position.
Show more channels per layer
To show more channels per layer click onto the “Visible channels per layer” spinner.

Add a new layer

A new layer can be added by pressing the “Add” button in the menu. This will directly open the “Layer Setup” view of the newly created layer. A new layer will always be added to the end of the layer list.

Remove a layer

To remove an existing layer just press and hold onto the list item. A context menu will appear with an option to delete the layer.

Save a layer setup

To save the current layer setup (this includes all layers as well as the “visible channels” setting) press the “Save” button in the menu.

Restore default

For quickly restoring the default layer setup press the “more” button in the menu (or the menu button on your device) and select “Restore Default”. Note that this will instantly override your current layer setup.

Layer Setup

LayerButtonPress and hold or Layer OverviewLayer entryPress and hold
This view shows all channels that are currently assigned to the layer.
The channel order can be rearranged by dragging the channel to another position.

Add a new item

A new item can be added by pressing the “Add” button in the top right corner. It’s possible to add a blank channel to create a space between the channels in the layer.

Remove an item

To remove an item simply press and hold the item to be removed. A context menu will appear with an option to delete the item.


Details about the IDCAs can be found here


Mutegroups can be accessed in any view by double tapping with two fingers anywhere on a free area of the screen.

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