Custom UI
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Custom UI has been replaced with Custom Layout

The document is not for the latest version of the app


Custom UI allows you to create UI items and place them on each of the 4 sides of the mixer.
This guide will show you how to create custom UI items and how to use them.


  • Sidebars (Top, Right, Bottom, Left)
    • Rows
      • Custom UI elements
        • One or more action per UI item


  1. Open the menu of the main view
  2. Menu-App-Sidebars
  3. Select the sidebar where you want to add a new UI item
  4. Press "Add Row" to add a new row to the sidebar
  5. Press "Add UI Item" to add a new UI item
  6. Select the type of the UI item you want to add.
  7. Continue reading below for the UI type you selected.

Note: The top most action will be used as source when generating the label for the custom UI


This settings determinates when the UI will be visible.


The UI item will always be visible

Only SoF

The UI item will only be visible when SoF is active

Not SoF

The UI item will only be visible when SoF is not active


The size of each UI element can be adjusted.
The numbers for "width" and "height" are multiplied with the default width/height of the UI element.

Channel Strip

Shows the channel strip for a single channel.
Only actions which returns a "Channel" can be assigned to this UI control.


A button can be used to toggle the status of an action.


This is the text that will be shown on the button. It is possible to write multiple lines of text.
See "Label Tags" for more information.


This defines the style of the button.
Select a color of your choice.

Touch mode

It is possible to change the touch behavior of the button.
This can be useful when you want to control a mute group, but only when the button was long pressed.


A knob can be used to control a numeric value (like a send level or pan).


Same as "Label" for Buttons.


A label can be used to show values like the current scene or just for showing text.


Same as "Label" for Buttons.

Text position

This changes how the text will be aligned on screen.

Label Tags

It is possible to use dynamic text as a label for the UI items.
To do so use one of the following tags. Some actions may include special
tags. These will be documented in the action manual .


Will be replaced with the label of the action.
The label of the action contains a description of the type.
Example with the "Sends on Fader" action: "SoF 1"


Will be replaced with the value of the action.
Example with the "Sends on Fader" action: "On"

Save / Load

To save / load the configuration of all sidebars open the "Sidebars Overview"
and press the folder icon in the top menu.

Note: To load the configuration automatically when starting the app
use "default" as configuration name.

Delete a row / UI item

In order to delete a row of a sidebar of an single UI item press and hold
the row. A context menu will appear.

Example: Tap delay button

  1. Open the Sidebar setup
  2. Select a sidebar
  3. Add a button to the first row
  4. Add a new action to the button
  5. Select the FX action and select the Effect which you want to control
  6. Select the time parameter of the FX
  7. Go back to the mixer
  8. Optional: Save your configuration
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