Password protection
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With version 0.058.1 it will be possible to lock certain buses with a password. Here is a quick overview on how to use this function.

How to protect buses with a password?

  1. Open the "Security view": MenuSetupSecurity
  2. Enter a password. The password will be stored on the X32 and is NOT encrypted
  3. Select the buses you want to protect. "Main LR" will lock the "All access" mode.
  4. Press back to close the view and store the settings on the X32.

When does the password prompt appear?
When you connect to the X32 and the data sync is completed, a password prompt will be shown if the bus you wanted to access is protected.

Which devices are affected?
All devices using Mixing Station. Any other app including the X32-Mix will simply ignore this setting as it is a custom solution.

Were are the settings stored?
The security settings are stored in the "Name" field of the 100th routing preset on the X32. The routing preset itself will not be touched.

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